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     The Maryland State Council Perpetual Memorial Society, established in Fraternal Year 2016-2017, provides a way to remember and pray for our loved ones and friends. Anyone is welcome to enroll anyone they choose (family, friends, loved ones) in the society. The person being enrolled did not have to be a member of the Knights of Columbus. Next of kin will receive a letter of condolence from the Perpetual Memorial Society Chairman. The donor will be sent an email, or letter of appreciation if desired, for using the Perpetual Memorial Society as a way of remembering and praying for their loved ones for eternity.

     The amount of the donation will never be revealed. Donations will be made payable to the Maryland State Council and, on the memo line, include Perpetual Memorial Society. The funds raised as a result of these donations will be used for Vocations Programs throughout the State of Maryland. Each year a proper accounting of monies raised will be reported at the Annual Convention.

     The Maryland State Council Perpetual Memorial Society will maintain a book of names enrolled and the book will be present, on the Altar, at every Mass offered at functions of the Maryland State Council. The book will show the enrollee's name, year of birth and death, as well as the donor's name. In addition, a complete listing will be maintained on this site.

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