Knights of Columbus, Maryland State Council
Stephen M. Cohen, State Deputy

"Be Not Afraid, Our Faith is Our Courage"

General Interest Forms/Programs

Form Due Send To
Family of the Month (Supreme Form)
15th of every month 1 -
2 -
3 -
4 - District Deputy
Special Olympics Event Report Form
As Needed John Durbin, Chairman
MD Automobile License Plate Application
As Needed Sherman Casey, Chairman
Employment Assistance Program Position Wanted
As Needed Joe Feakes, Chairman

Employment Assistance Program Position Available

As Needed Joe Feakes, Chairman
Degree Authorization
As Needed FS of Host Council
Squires Inquiry Kit Order Form
As Needed Dept. of Fraternal Services

Forms for District Deputies

Form Due Send To Copies To
1st Degree Team Member Certification
As Needed Supreme Secretary St. Ceremonials Chairman

Report Due Dates:

The following reports are due to Supreme Council or to the State Council by the dates listed.  Each report has specific requirements for copies to the State Deputy, the District Deputy and the Council files.  Please read each form for specific details.

Report or Information Due:

Form Number Date Due
Report of Officers Chosen 185 July 1
Service Program Personnel Report 365 August 1
Semi-Annual Council Audit 1295 August 15
State Picnic Reservations State August 25
Round Table Coordinator 2629 September 1
Columbus Day Ball Tickets  - PDF - MS Word State September 1
Columbus Day Ball Program Book Ads State September 30
Incentive Raffle - Flyer  - Turn-in (doc) - Turn-in (pdf) State NLT October 11
1st Period Activity Reports - Links will post in FY-16/17
State September 15
Necrology for Memorial Mass State November 1
Tootsie Roll Money Submission   PDF   MS Excel State December 1
Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest State December 10
2nd Period Activity Reports - Links will post in FY-16/17
State December 15
Convention Hospitality Suite Reservation State January 4
Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity    Print & Mail   Online Form 1728 January 31
Special Olympics Partnership Survey 4584 January 31
Council Free Throw Report FT-1 January 31
Family of the Year Information / Nomination - PDF  DOC State February 2
Firefighter, Police Officer, EMT Awards PDF DOC State February 1
Citizen, Catholic Teacher, CCD Teacher of the Year PDF DOC State February 1
Best Website Application State February 15
Semi-Annual Council Audit 1295 February 15
Ladies Auxiliary Activity Reports State March 1
3rd Period  Activity Reports - PDF   DOC
State March 5
Convention Grand Knight Olympics Registration Form
Convention Information & Forms
Lecturer's Program Report - PDF  MS Word State March 15
Council Report for Book of Reports State April 1
Culture of Life Reports State April 1
Convention Credentials State June 30
Columbian Award Application  PDF  Online at Supreme SP-7 June 30
RSVP Application  PDF 2863 June 30
Annual Round Table Report   PDF  Online at Supreme 2630 June 30

Supreme Website for online forms:

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